Welcome to Ruh Ministries

Ruh Ministries was established in 2015 on a Christian foundation. It's purpose is to advance the Christian faith and enable the church to carry out its mission in training, equipping, supporting and protecting Christians to exercise their faith safely and to develop and grow as individuals, families and church organisations in the community.

Our main office is set up in the UK and we outreach to Asian communities in the UK and wider communities from disadvantaged groups and projects in India. Our team is made of trained workers in Christian ministry, spiritual care, Christian TV programming and media, education and training, community and health and social care development.

The specific groups that our organisation supports are Asian communities and wider communities, young people, poor and isolated communities, women, local community of Birmingham and the general public through our Sunday service of Worship. Our Sunday service of worship is open to the public and is conducted in both Punjabi and English, so that all cultures can be involved. The Sunday meeting provides a combination of worship, Christian preaching, teaching, evangelism, prayer and children's Sunday school. We are a registered charity.